Section 103:9

    103:9 Contributions. –
I. At the beginning of each year commencing on the first day of July the board of trustees shall certify to each employer other than the state the percentage rates of contribution due the system from each such employer, and shall assess upon each such employer such percentages of the earnable compensation of members in its employ, and it shall be the duty of the treasurer or other disbursing officer of each such employer to pay to the board of trustees such portion of the annual amount so assessed at such times and in such manner as the board of trustees may prescribe. Each such employer is hereby authorized to appropriate the sums necessary for the payment of such assessments.
II. The contributions of each employer for benefits under the retirement system on account of police members shall consist of a percentage of the earnable compensation of its members to be known as the "normal contribution"; and an additional amount to be known as the "accrued liability contribution"; provided that any employer, other than the state, shall pay 65 percent of such total contributions, and 35 percent thereof shall be paid by the state; and provided further that in case of police members employed by the state, the state shall pay both normal and accrued liability contributions.

Source. 1941, 166:8. RL 221:8. RSA 103:9. 1977, 528:5, eff. July 1, 1978.