Section 102:21

    102:21 Resignation, Dismissal, Reinstatement and Withdrawal. – Any permanent fireman accepting the provisions hereof, who shall retire, withdraw or be dismissed from service, and the named beneficiary of any such permanent fireman who may die while in active service from causes not due to fire duty as described in RSA 102:17 and provided no benefit is payable under RSA 102:16, shall be entitled to receive from the board all payments made thereto by him with interest at such rate as the board may prescribe. The named beneficiary of any retired permanent fireman who may die while in retirement, and whose retirement benefits to the time of death should be less than his total payments, plus interest, to the board, shall be entitled to receive from the board an amount which shall be the difference, if such exists, between such fireman's total payments, plus interest, to the board and his total benefits received while on retirement to the time of his death. Upon retirement or dismissal from service a permanent fireman shall no longer be obligated to pay assessments to the fund. Any permanent fireman resigned or dismissed from service as aforesaid may, if he thereafter reenters service as a permanent fireman, be reinstated to the benefits hereof. Upon reinstatement to the benefits hereof his rate of assessment shall be established by the board as provided under RSA 102:9 and his term of creditable service shall begin as of the nearest date of his reinstatement to the benefits hereof, excepting that a reinstated member may receive credit for prior service if he leaves his assessments in the fund and provided he is reinstated within 36 months after his resignation or dismissal. Prior service credit shall be only for his period of actual active service. His rate of assessment upon reinstatement shall be as provided under RSA 102:9. Notice of dismissal or death, not due to fire duty as described in RSA 102:17, of a permanent fireman who has accepted the provisions of this chapter, shall be sent to the board by the chief clerk or other responsible officer of city, town or precinct by whom said fireman was employed.

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