Section 102:17

    102:17 In Case of Death or Disability. –
I. A permanent fireman accepting the provisions of this chapter, who shall have become permanently disabled from fire duty, because of injury received in line of duty, shall receive an annual sum equal to 2/3 his annual salary as defined in RSA 102:15, and in case of call, volunteer, or substitute firemen, who become permanently and totally disabled because of injury received in line of fire duty, an annual sum not to exceed $1,250 per year. Firemen shall be acknowledged as performing their duty while actually covering a tour of duty within the station assigned, going to, returning from or working at a fire or other public emergency; when performing all work within the scope of employment of the firemen under the expressed or implied authority of a superior officer; and in such other cases as the board may from time to time decide to be for the public interest. The fact of permanent disability may be established by the certificate of physician designated by the board. In case a fireman accepting the provisions hereof shall die as the result of injury received in line of duty, his widow or if none, his minor child or children shall receive an annual sum equal to the compensation allowed for disability for either permanent or call firemen, as the case may be, until in case of a widow, she dies or remarries, or, in case of a minor child or children, the board in its discretion shall pay such sum as a joint and survivor annuity, until such child dies or attains the age of 18 years, and in case there is no wife, child or children under age 18 surviving such member, then to his totally dependent father or mother, or both, and the survivor of either one of them, as the board in its discretion shall determine, during dependency, and until remarriage of either.
II. In case a retired member, whose retirement was the result of disability received in line of duty dies while on retirement, the payment of his retirement benefits shall continue to his widow until she dies or remarries, or children until they reach the age of 18 years, notwithstanding the cause of the retired member's death.

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