Section 79-D:8

    79-D:8 Release of Easement, Expiration, Renewal, Consideration. –
I. Any property owner who has granted a discretionary preservation easement to a municipality pursuant to the terms of this chapter, after the effective date of this chapter, may apply to the local governing body of the municipality in which the property subject to a discretionary preservation easement is located for a release from such easement upon a demonstration of extreme personal hardship. Upon release from such easement, a property owner shall pay the following consideration to the tax collector of the municipality:
(a) For a release within the first half of the duration of the easement, 20 percent of the full value assessment of such structure and land under RSA 75:1.
(b) For a release within the second half of the duration of the easement, 15 percent of the full value assessment of such structure and land under RSA 75:1.
II. [Repealed.]
III. Upon the expiration of the terms of the discretionary easement, the owner may apply for a renewal, and the owner and local governing body shall have the same rights and duties with respect to the renewal application as they did with respect to the original application; provided, however, that at the time of the original granting of the discretionary preservation easement, the parties may include, as a term of the agreement, a provision for automatic renewal for the same term as the original. Such a provision may include the specification of the manner in which the tax assessment on the property for the next term is to be determined at the time of renewal.
IV. The tax collector shall issue a receipt to the owner of such property and a copy to the local governing body for the sums paid. The local governing body shall, upon receiving a copy of the above-mentioned consideration, execute a release or renewal of the easement to the owner who shall record such a release or renewal. A copy of such release or renewal shall also be sent to the local assessing officials if they are not the same parties executing the release or renewal.
V. In the event that the structure is destroyed by fire, storm, or other unforeseen circumstance not within the control of the property owner, the preservation easement shall be released without penalty.
VI. If, during the term of the preservation easement, the owner shall fail to maintain the structure in conformity with the agreement, or shall cause the structure(s) to significantly deteriorate or be demolished or removed, the preservation easement shall be terminated and a penalty assessed in accordance with RSA 79-D:8, I(a) and (b).

Source. 2002, 86:1. 2007, 27:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2008.