Section 79-D:5

    79-D:5 Approval, Denial. –
I. If, after a duly noticed public hearing, the governing body finds that the proposed preservation of such historic agricultural structure is consistent with the purposes of this chapter, it may take steps to acquire a discretionary preservation easement as provided in this chapter. In exercising its discretion, the local governing body may weigh the public benefit to be obtained versus the tax revenue to be lost if such an easement is granted. The governing body shall have no more than 60 days to act upon the application.
II. If the governing body denies the application to grant a discretionary preservation easement to the municipality, such denial shall be accompanied by a written explanation. The local governing body's decision may be appealed by using the procedures of either RSA 79-A:9 or 79-A:11 provided, however, that such denial shall be deemed discretionary and shall not be set aside by the board of tax and land appeals or the superior court except for bad faith, discrimination, or the application of criteria other than those set forth in RSA 79-D:3 and paragraph I of this section.
III. The easement shall be a burden upon the property and shall bind all transferees and assignees of such property. An easement granted pursuant to this subdivision shall not be assigned, transferred, or released by the municipality without the consent of the owner, except as provided in RSA 79-D:8.

Source. 2002, 86:1, eff. July 2, 2002.