Section 79-D:3

    79-D:3 Qualifying Structures. –
I. Any owner of an historic agricultural structure who wishes to maintain the structure in a use consistent with the purposes of this chapter may apply to the governing body of the municipality in which the property is located to convey a discretionary preservation easement to the municipality.
II. A discretionary preservation easement shall be considered to provide a demonstrated public benefit if it provides at least one of the following public benefits:
(a) There is scenic enjoyment of the structure by the general public from a public way or from public waters.
(b) The structure is historically important on a local, regional, state, or national level, either independently or within an historic district.
(c) The structure's physical or aesthetic features contribute to the historic or cultural integrity of a property listed on or determined eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, state register of historic places, or locally designated historic district.
III. In determining whether an historic agricultural structure demonstrates the necessary public benefit to qualify for a discretionary preservation easement, the governing body shall have reference to guidelines adopted by the advisory committee established under RSA 227-C:29.

Source. 2002, 86:1, eff. July 2, 2002.