Section 79-A:5

    79-A:5 Assessment of Open Space Land. –
I. The selectmen or assessing officials shall appraise open space land, as classified under the provisions of this chapter, excluding any building, appurtenance or other improvement on the land, at valuations based upon the current use values established by the board. The valuations shall be equalized for the purpose of assessing taxes. The selectmen or assessing officials shall use the soil potential index when available, to determine the value of farm land within the ranges established by the board. It shall be the duty of the owner to provide the soil potential index to the selectmen or assessing officials.
II. No owner of land shall be entitled to have a particular parcel of his land classified for any tax year under the provisions of this chapter unless he shall have applied to the assessing officials on or before April 15 of said year, on a form approved by the board and provided by the commissioner, to have his parcel of land so classified. If any owner shall satisfy the assessing officials that he was prevented by accident, mistake or misfortune from filing said application on or before April 15, said officials may receive said application at a later date and classify the parcel of land hereunder; but no such application shall be received after the local tax rate has been approved by the commissioner for that year.
III. The assessing officials shall notify the applicant on a form provided by the commissioner no later than July 1, or within 15 days if the application is filed after July 1, of their decision to classify or refusal to classify his parcel of land by delivery of such notification to him in person or by mailing such notification to his last and usual place of abode.
IV. Prior to July 1 each year, the assessing officials shall determine if previously classified lands have been reapplied or have undergone a change in use so that the land use change tax may be levied against lands changed in use, according to RSA 79-A:7. A list of all classified lands and their owners in each town or city shall be filed by the respective assessing officials each year. Such list shall be part of the invoice and subject to inspection as provided in RSA 76:7.
V. [Repealed.]
V-a. The commissioner shall include on the inventory blank, required under RSA 74:4, a question concerning whether any changes have been made in the use of land classified as open space. The question shall be written to enable the assessing officials to locate parcels which may require a change in assessment and to fit the context of the blank.
VI. The assessing officials shall file with the register of deeds in the appropriate county, on or before August 1 in each year, a notice of contingent liens describing all parcels of land classified under the provisions of this chapter. If a parcel of land is classified as open space land after such date, the assessing officials shall file notice of contingent lien with the register of deeds in the appropriate county within 14 days of said classification. The notice filed pursuant to this paragraph shall be on a form approved by the board and provided by the commissioner, shall contain the name of each owner, the date of classification and a short description of each parcel of real estate together with such other information as the board may prescribe; provided, however, the assessing officials shall not file each year parcels of land classified under this chapter which have been previously filed, unless there has been some change in the acreage involved.
VII. A fee, in accordance with RSA 478:17-g, I, shall be paid by the owner for each parcel which is classified as open space land to the local assessing officials, to be paid over to the register of deeds for recording the notice of contingent lien. The notice of contingent lien shall constitute notice to all interested parties that a lien on the parcel shall be created if and when the land is subsequently disqualified from current use assessment, as provided in RSA 79-A:7, II(e) and RSA 80:85.

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