Section 79-A:4

    79-A:4 Powers and Duties of Board; Rulemaking. –
The board shall have the following powers and duties:
I. It shall meet at least annually, after July 1, to establish a schedule of criteria and current use values to be used for the succeeding year. It shall have the power to establish minimum acreage requirements of 10 acres or less. It shall also review all past current use values and criteria for open space land established by past boards. The board shall make such changes and improvements in the administration of this chapter as experience and public reaction may recommend.
II. The board shall reduce by 20 percent the current use value of land which is open 12 months a year to public recreational use, without entrance fee, and which also qualifies for current use assessment under an open space category. There shall be no prohibition of skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking or nature observation on such open space land, unless these activities would be detrimental to a specific agricultural or forest crop or activity. The owner of land who opens his land to public recreational use as provided in this paragraph shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage to any person, and shall be subject to the same duty of care as provided in RSA 212:34.
III. The board shall annually determine, vote upon and recommend to the chairman of the board the schedule of criteria and current use values for use in the forthcoming tax year. The board shall hold a series of at least 3 public forums throughout the state to receive general comment through verbal and written testimony on the current use law. After the public forums are concluded and the board has made its recommended changes, the chairman shall proceed to adopt any proposed rules, in accordance with paragraph IV.
IV. The chairman of the board shall adopt rules, pursuant to RSA 541-A, for the schedule of criteria and current use values as recommended by the board, and for other forms and procedures as are needed to implement this chapter consistent with board recommendations and to assure a fair opportunity for owners to qualify under this chapter and to assure compliance of land uses on classified lands.

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