Section 76:7

    76:7 Record of Inventories and Taxes. – A fair record shall be made of every inventory taken by the selectmen, and of all taxes by them assessed, in a book of records of the doings of the selectmen in their office, which shall be the property of the town. If the selectmen or assessors do not have an office which is open to the public 5 days a week during normal business hours at which time any person may inspect the current tax records of the town or city, then the selectmen or assessors shall leave a copy of the record with the town clerk within 30 days after the tax rate has been approved by the commissioner of revenue administration, or the original inventory and assessment shall be so left and recorded by the clerk. Both records shall be open to the inspection of all persons. The inventory record shall contain: (1) the information required under RSA 75:4; (2) the record of real estate which shall include the name of the owner, if known; the number of the lot and range, if lotted; otherwise, such description as the land may readily be known by; and the number of acres, if known; and (3) the amount of taxes assessed on all property assessed.

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