Section 76:10

    76:10 Selectmen's Lists and Warrant. –
I. A list of all property taxes by them assessed shall be made by the selectmen under their hands, with a warrant under their hands and seal. The list shall be directed to the collector of such town, requiring the collector to collect the same, and to pay to the town treasurer such sums and at such times as may be therein prescribed. The selectmen shall assess such taxes to the owner as of April 1, or to the current owner, if known. The selectmen of a town or the board of assessors of a city may round off to the nearest dollar the total tax due on each parcel appearing on the list.
II. If the municipal tax collector finds a discrepancy of 1/2 of one percent or more between the amount of the warrant as committed to the tax collector of the municipality and the total property tax commitment calculated by the commissioner of revenue administration, based on the pertinent information provided by the municipality under RSA 21-J:34, the collector shall return the warrant to the municipality's assessing officials for correction. If a correction cannot be made to generate a warrant with less than 1/2 of one percent discrepancy, the assessing officials shall submit a revised property summary inventory of valuation form as required under RSA 21-J:34, I, for recalculation of the tax rate by the commissioner of revenue administration. The municipality shall not issue property tax bills until such discrepancy is resolved. A copy of the signed warrant total page and an actual tax bill shall be submitted to the department of revenue administration by the tax collector.

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