Section 72-B:13

    72-B:13 Excavation Tax Appeal and Abatement. – An owner may, within 90 days of notice of the excavation tax, appeal to the assessing officials in writing for an abatement from the original assessment, but no owner shall be entitled to an abatement unless such owner has complied with the provisions of RSA 72-B:8, RSA 72-B:8-a and RSA 72-B:9. If the assessing officials neglect or refuse to abate, an owner may, at the owner's election within 6 months of notice of such tax and not afterwards, petition the superior court of the county where the operation took place, or the board of tax and land appeals. A petition to the board of tax and land appeals shall be accompanied with a $65 filing fee.

Source. 1997, 219:2. 1999, 301:14. 2001, 211:6, eff. April 1, 2002.