Section 72-B:11

    72-B:11 Disposition of the Excavation Tax. –
I. The excavation tax collected in the incorporated towns and cities under RSA 72-B:4 shall be paid by the tax collectors into their respective treasuries for the general use of the city or town.
II. The taxes assessed under RSA 72-B:4 in any unincorporated place shall be collected by the county commissioners of the county in which the place is located and paid by them to the county treasurer. The county commissioners shall have the same powers in collecting the taxes as provided under RSA 80 and RSA 81. All taxes collected by the counties under RSA 72-B:4 shall be credited to the unincorporated place from which the excavation tax was collected and shall be used against the unincorporated place's share for the county tax for the ensuing year.

Source. 1997, 219:2. 1999, 301:11. 2002, 103:8, eff. April 1, 2002 at 12:01 a.m.