Section 72-B:1

    72-B:1 Excavation Tax and Taxation of Excavation Area. –
I. Earth, as defined in RSA 155-E:1, I, shall be exempt from taxation as real property under RSA 72:6 and RSA 72:13. An excavation tax shall be assessed upon the excavation of earth against an owner as defined in RSA 72-B:2, VIII. Such tax shall be assessed at the rate of $.02 per cubic yard of earth excavated. The following are exempt from the excavation tax:
(a) Any excavation of earth from a parcel of land that is put back on the parcel, or other parcel that is contiguous and in common ownership, in the construction, reclamation, reconstruction, or alteration of such parcel of land within the same tax year.
(b) Any excavation of earth that is used exclusively for agricultural or forest management by the owner of the land within the state of New Hampshire.
(c) Any excavation upon a parcel of land which does not exceed 1,000 cubic yards within any tax year; however, the owner of such excavation shall be required to file a notice of intent to excavate pursuant to RSA 72-B:8, but such owner shall not be subject to the enforcement fee under RSA 72-B:16 and such parcel shall not be subject to the excavation tax lien under RSA 72-B:7, I.
(d) Any excavation which is solely necessary to construct a foundation, septic disposal system, or which is incidental to other construction projects and does not result in the removal from the parcel of more than 1,000 cubic yards of earth within the tax year.
(e) Excavation by the federal government, state government, cities, towns, school districts, and other political subdivisions which remove earth for their own use, on lands under their ownership and within their own jurisdiction.
II. Excavations, as defined in RSA 155-E:1, II, and excavation areas as defined in RSA 155-E:1, VI, shall be taxed as real property pursuant to RSA 72:6 independent of any earth contained therein. The following shall not be considered to be included within the excavation area:
(a) An excavation that has been reclaimed in accordance with RSA 155-E.
(b) An excavation area that is exposed rock ledge not subject to reclamation under RSA 155-E:5, I and III or RSA 155-E:5-a and has not been excavated during the preceding tax year, provided that exposed rock ledge that is the subject of intents or modifications thereof filed pursuant to RSA 72-B:8 during the preceding tax year and exposed rock ledge that is the subject of a permit granted pursuant to the provisions of RSA 155-E shall be included within the excavation area.
(c) An excavation that has ceased commercially useful operation prior to August 24, 1977, as set forth in RSA 155-E:2, II(c).
(d) Areas that are ancillary to the excavation.
III. The owner shall furnish to the assessing officials for the jurisdiction in which the excavation is located such information as the assessing officials may require to determine the area constituting a taxable excavation including, if requested, any material differences between excavation activity and excavation intents filed the previous tax year.

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