Workforce Housing

Section 674:60

    674:60 Procedure. –
I. Any person who applies to a land use board for approval of a development that is intended to qualify as workforce housing under this subdivision shall file a written statement of such intent as part of the application. The failure to file such a statement shall constitute a waiver of the applicant's rights under RSA 674:61, but shall not preclude an appeal under other applicable laws. In any appeal where the applicant has failed to file the statement required by this paragraph, the applicant shall not be entitled to a judgment on appeal that allows construction of the proposed development, or otherwise permits the proposed workforce housing development to proceed despite its nonconformance with the municipality's ordinances or regulations.
II. If a land use board approves an application to develop workforce housing subject to conditions or restrictions, it shall notify the applicant in writing of such conditions and restrictions and give the applicant an opportunity to establish the cost of complying with the conditions and restrictions and the effect of compliance on the economic viability of the proposed development. The board's notice to the applicant of the conditions and restrictions shall constitute a conditional approval solely for the purpose of complying with the requirements of RSA 676:4, I(c)(1). It shall not constitute a final decision for any other purpose, including the commencement of any applicable appeal period.
III. Upon receiving notice of conditions and restrictions under paragraph II, the applicant may submit evidence to establish the cost of complying with the conditions and restrictions and the effect on economic viability within the period directed by the board, which shall not be less than 30 days.
(a) Upon receipt of such evidence from the applicant, the board shall allow the applicant to review the evidence at the board's next meeting for which 10 days' notice can be given, and shall give written notice of the meeting to the applicant at least 10 days in advance. At such meeting, the board may also receive and consider evidence from other sources.
(b) The board may affirm, alter, or rescind any or all of the conditions or restrictions of approval after such meeting.
(c) Subject to subparagraph (d), the board shall not issue its final decision on the application before such meeting, unless the applicant fails to submit the required evidence within the period designated by the board, in which case it may issue its final decision any time after the expiration of the period.
(d) If an applicant notifies the board in writing at any time that the applicant accepts the conditions and restrictions of approval, the board may issue its final decision without further action under this paragraph.
IV. A municipality may require that an applicant record restrictive covenants acceptable to the land use board that the workforce housing may not be rented to or sold to any household whose income is greater than that specified in RSA 674:58, IV. The covenant shall be for the term specified in the regulations of the land use board. The municipality may adopt regulations to insure compliance with the covenants, which regulations may include requirements for the monitoring of the project by the municipality or by a suitable third party agency qualified to carry out such requirements, including but not limited to requiring the production of annual income verification for renters and non-owner occupiers. The land use board may consider the existence of recorded covenants or income qualification and occupancy criteria as satisfying the purpose of this paragraph if such covenants or criteria are administered by a state or federal entity.

Source. 2008, 299:2. 2010, 150:1, eff. June 14, 2010.