Manufactured Housing

Section 674:32

    674:32 Manufactured Housing. –
I. Municipalities shall afford reasonable opportunities for the siting of manufactured housing, and a municipality shall not exclude manufactured housing completely from the municipality by regulation, zoning ordinance or by any other police power. A municipality which adopts land use control measures shall allow, in its sole discretion, manufactured housing to be located on individual lots in most, but not necessarily all, land areas in districts zoned to permit residential uses within the municipality, or in manufactured housing parks and subdivisions created for the placement of manufactured housing on individually owned lots in most, but not necessarily all, land areas in districts zoned to permit residential uses within the municipality, or in all 3 types of locations. Manufactured housing located on individual lots shall comply with lot size, frontage requirements, space limitations and other reasonable controls that conventional single family housing in the same district must meet. No special exception or special permit shall be required for manufactured housing located on individual lots or manufactured housing subdivisions unless such special exception or permit is required by the municipality for single family housing located on individual lots or in subdivisions. Municipalities permitting manufactured housing parks shall afford realistic opportunities for the development and expansion of manufactured housing parks. In order to provide such realistic opportunities, lot size and overall density requirements for manufactured housing parks shall be reasonable.
II. Notwithstanding paragraph I or any law or rule to the contrary, no zoning ordinance or bylaw shall prohibit an owner and occupier of a residence which has been damaged by fire or other disaster from placing a manufactured home on the lot of such residence and residing in such structure while the residence is being rebuilt. The period of such occupancy shall expire in 12 months from the placement of such structure or upon the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, whichever occurs first. Any such manufactured home shall be subject to state and local requirements relating to water supply and sewerage disposal. A manufactured home that is placed on a lot under this paragraph shall not attain the status of a vested nonconforming use.

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