Agricultural Uses of Land

Section 674:32-c

    674:32-c Other General Provisions. –
I. The tilling of soil and the growing and harvesting of crops and horticultural commodities, as a primary or accessory use, shall not be prohibited in any district.
II. Nothing in this subdivision, or in RSA 674:32-b, shall exempt new, re-established, or expanded agricultural operations or activities from generally applicable building and site requirements such as dimensional standards, setbacks, driveway and traffic regulations, parking requirements, noise, odor, or vibration restrictions or sign regulations; provided, however, that in circumstances where their literal application would effectively prohibit an agricultural use or activity allowed by this subdivision, or would otherwise be unreasonable in the context of an agricultural use or activity, in accordance with the provisions of RSA 672:1, III-b, the board of adjustment, building code board of appeals, or other applicable local board, after due notice and hearing, shall grant a waiver from such requirement to the extent necessary to reasonably permit the agricultural use or activity, unless such waiver would have a demonstrated adverse effect on public health or safety, or on the value of adjacent property. Such waiver shall continue only as long as utilized for the permitted agricultural use or activity.
III. Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to any aspect of an agricultural operation determined to be injurious to public health or safety under RSA 147. Nothing in this subdivision shall be deemed to modify or limit the duties and authority of the department of environmental services under RSA 485 or RSA 485-A or the commissioner of the department of agriculture, markets, and food under title XL.
IV. Nothing in this subdivision shall be deemed to affect the regulation of sludge or septage.

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