Section 674:22

    674:22 Growth Management; Timing of Development. –
I. The local legislative body may further exercise the powers granted under this subdivision to regulate and control the timing of development. Any ordinance imposing such a control may be adopted only after preparation and adoption by the planning board of a master plan and a capital improvement program and shall be based upon a growth management process intended to assess and balance community development needs and consider regional development needs.
II. The local legislative body may adopt a growth management ordinance under this section only if there is a demonstrated need to regulate the timing of development, based upon the municipality's lack of capacity to accommodate anticipated growth in the absence of such an ordinance. The need to regulate the timing of development shall be demonstrated by a study performed by or for the planning board or the governing body, or submitted with a petition of voters presented under RSA 675:4. The study shall be based on competent evidence and shall consider the municipality's projected growth rate and the municipality's need for additional services to accommodate such growth.
III. An ordinance adopted under this section shall include a termination date and shall restrict projected normal growth no more than is necessary to allow for orderly and good-faith development of municipal services. The planning board in a municipality that adopts such an ordinance shall promptly undertake development of a plan for the orderly and rational development of municipal services needed to accommodate anticipated normal growth; provided, however, that in a town that has established a capital improvement program committee under RSA 674:5, the plan shall be developed by that committee. The ordinance and the plan shall be evaluated by the planning board at least annually, to confirm that reasonable progress is being made to carry out the plan. The planning board shall report its findings to the legislative body in the municipality's annual report.

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