Official Map of the Municipality

Section 674:10

    674:10 Establishment of Official Map. – After the planning board of any municipality has adopted a master plan which includes a major street plan, or has progressed in its master planning to the stage of the making and adoption of a major street plan, and has certified a copy of a major street plan to the local legislative body, as provided in RSA 674:9, the local legislative body is hereby empowered and authorized to establish an official map of the municipality showing the location of the exterior lines of streets of the whole or of any parts of the municipality up to that time existing, laid out and established by law as public streets, and may also show the location of the exterior lines of parks. The official map is to be deemed to be final and conclusive with respect to the location and width of streets and the location of parks shown thereon. The official map established under this section shall be established to conserve and promote the public health, safety, convenience or general welfare. The ordinance establishing or adopting the official map shall provide that a certificate, signed by the city or town clerk, the village district clerk, or other duly authorized recording official, giving notice that the municipality has established an official map, including the date of its establishment, shall be filed with the register of deeds of the county or counties in which the municipality is situated. Such certificates shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the official map as adopted or established. Whenever a municipality has established an official map and has filed a certificate to that effect, together with a copy of the official map, with the register of deeds for the county or counties in which the municipality is situated, then no plat of a subdivision of land within the municipality shall thereafter be filed or recorded at the office of the register of deeds until it has been approved by the planning board and such approval entered in writing on the plat by the chairperson or secretary of the planning board.

Source. 1983, 447:1. 1995, 43:2, eff. July 2, 1995.