Regular School Districts

Section 671:6

    671:6 Other Officers. – Except as provided under RSA 671:6-a, at each school district election, each school district which is not a cooperative school district as defined in RSA 195:1 shall elect a school district clerk, moderator, treasurer, and such optional officers as the voters of the district shall have voted to elect to manage the affairs of the district. The moderator shall take office upon the adjournment of the regular school district meeting held in the year of the moderator's election and upon the moderator's qualification for office, whichever is later. The treasurer shall take office upon the close of the fiscal year for the district and upon the treasurer's qualification for office, whichever is later. An optional officer may not be elected by official ballot until the annual district election first following the establishment of the office. The school district may, by vote, determine to elect a temporary officer or authorize the school board to appoint a temporary officer to serve until the next annual district election.

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