Regular School Districts

Section 671:5

    671:5 Auditors. – At each district election, each district which is not a cooperative school district as defined in RSA 195:1 shall elect one or more auditors. In a district voting to elect 2 or more auditors, their terms shall be staggered so that one auditor shall be elected each year for a term of office of the same number of years as there are auditors; provided, however, that, in the first year, the auditors shall be chosen for varying terms so that the term of one auditor shall expire in the next succeeding year, the term of the second auditor, the next year, and so on for the number of years as there are number of auditors. When voters of the district direct the school board to request an audit by independent public accountants from outside the district, they shall not be required to choose auditors for the year covered by said audit.

Source. 1979, 321:1. 2010, 262:2, eff. Sept. 4, 2010.