Conduct of Election: Coordination With Town Election

Section 671:26

    671:26 Counting Ballots. – The town election officials shall act in like capacity for the school district in conducting the school district election. After the close of the polls, the town election officials shall turn all school district ballots over to the moderator of the school district, who shall then proceed to count the ballots publicly with the assistance of such legal voters of the district as the moderator of the school district shall appoint. Provided, however, that, in the case of cooperative school districts, the town election officials, immediately after the close of the polls, shall count the ballots for school district officers and, within 24 hours, forward to the school district clerk a list of the number of votes received by each candidate for school district office. The list shall be signed by the town clerk and witnessed by the town moderator. Upon receipt of the list, the cooperative school district clerk shall record the results from each town and shall, when the results from all towns within the district have been recorded, determine and announce the names of the winning candidates.

Source. 1979, 321:1. 1997, 176:8, eff. Aug. 11, 1997.