Conduct of Election: Coordination With Town Election

Section 671:22

    671:22 Election at Town Meeting. –
I. As used in this section, the words, "any school district" shall mean (a) a school district which is coextensive with the town in which it is located, or (b) a cooperative school district composed of preexisting districts which were each coextensive with the towns in which they are located, or (c) a cooperative school district which is composed of a preexisting cooperative district as defined in (b) and other school districts as defined in (a).
II. Any school district as defined in paragraph I may at any annual or special meeting under an article in the warrant for such meeting vote to elect its district officers by separate ballot at the town election in such town, and may rescind such action in like manner. Such action shall not take effect until the calendar year next following the year in which such vote is taken. The newly elected officers shall take office at the close of the town meeting at which they are elected; provided, however, that if the annual school district meeting is held subsequent to this town meeting, they shall take office at the close of the annual school district meeting and that the treasurer shall take office at the close of the fiscal year of the school district.
III. Nothing herein shall preclude other appropriate coordination of school district and town elections consistent with all the applicable requirements of law where school district and town meetings are simultaneously in session and school districts have duly voted to adopt as official for school district purposes the town checklist, polling place, and election machinery.
IV. Nothing in the provisions for election of school district officers at town meetings shall be construed as affecting any city charter, nor is a city authorized to adopt the provisions hereof.

Source. 1979, 321:1, eff. Aug. 21, 1979.