By Official Ballot

Section 669:23

    669:23 Preparation of Voting Materials. – The town clerk shall prepare the official ballots for the town and shall arrange the names of candidates upon said ballots in parallel columns. Immediately above the names of each block of candidates shall be printed the title of the office for which they are candidates, such as "For Selectman." Below the title of each office shall be printed in small but easily legible type the words "Vote for not more than (here insert a number designating how many persons are to be voted for)." Directly to the right of the name of each candidate there shall be a square. Whenever there are 2 or more candidates for the same office the names shall be printed upon the ballot in the alphabetical order of their surnames according to the alphabetization procedure established in RSA 656:5-a. Following the names printed on the ballot under the title of each office, there shall be as many blank lines as there are persons to be elected to that office.

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