By Official Ballot

Section 669:22

    669:22 Withdrawal. – Where a candidate had duly filed according to RSA 669:19 for a non-partisan town election or where a party nominee has been certified to the clerk as provided in RSA 669:50 for a partisan town election, no withdrawal or declination of a candidate shall be accepted by the town clerk subsequent to the last dates for filing except if the candidate dies or shall make oath that he does not qualify for the public office for which he or she is filed because of age, domicile, or incapacitating physical disability acquired subsequent to his or her filing. If a candidate dies or withdraws as provided in this section, the town clerk shall not print the name of that candidate on the ballot. If the ballots have been printed, the clerk shall remove that name using pasters.

Source. 1979, 410:1. 1987, 276:6. 2008, 148:3, eff. Aug. 5, 2008.