Officers Elected

Section 669:17

    669:17 Officers Who May be Elected; Election by Ballot or Other Means. –
The town officers specified in this section may be elected by ballot or by other means at annual town elections or meetings by the voters of the town as determined by said voters. Such an officer may not be elected by official ballot until the annual town election first following the establishment of the office. When a town votes to establish such an optional office, the town may also then vote to elect by any means at the same meeting an officer to serve until the next annual town election or meeting or may vote to authorize the officer with the power to fill a vacancy in the office as provided in RSA 669:61-669:75 to appoint someone until the next annual town election or meeting. This section applies to the following offices:
I. Town assessors (RSA 41:2-c through 2-i).
II. [Repealed.]
III. Overseers of public welfare (RSA 41:2).
IV. Constables or police officers, other than those elected under RSA 41:47 (RSA 41:2).
V. Elected planning board members (RSA 673:2).
V-a. Elected zoning board of adjustment members (RSA 673:3).
VI. Elected budget committee members (RSA 32:15).
VII. Tax collector for a 1-year term (RSA 41:2).
VIII. Fire chief or firewards for a term of one or more years, as determined by the local legislative body under RSA 154:1 through RSA 154:1-c.
IX. Any other officers the town may judge necessary for managing its affairs under RSA 41:2.

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