Officers Elected

Section 669:16

    669:16 Optional Officers to be Elected by Ballot: Interim Officers. –
The town offices specified in this section shall, if established by a town, be filled by an election by ballot. Such an officer may not be elected by official ballot until the annual town election first following the establishment of the office. However, whenever a town votes to establish such an optional office, the town may also then vote to elect by unofficial ballot at the same meeting an officer to serve until the next annual town election. If a town then fails to elect such an officer by unofficial ballot, the office shall be deemed vacant and shall be filled as provided in RSA 669:61-669:75. This section applies to the following offices:
I. Town clerk-tax collector (RSA 41:45-a).
II. Constables or police officers for full-time duty (RSA 41:47).
III. Trustees of trust fund (RSA 31:19-23).
IV. Sewer commissioners (RSA 149-I:19).
V. Tax collector for a 3-year term (RSA 41:2-b).
VI. Town auditors (RSA 41:32-a).
VI-a. [Repealed.]
VII. Library trustees (RSA 202-A:6).

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