General Provisions

Section 669:1-a

    669:1-a Postponed Town Elections. –
I. Any election postponed pursuant to RSA 669:1, V shall be rescheduled to the Tuesday 2 weeks following the original date of the election, provided all other applicable statutory provisions associated with elections under this chapter shall also be extended the same 2 weeks.
II. The supervisors of the checklist shall not be required to meet again until the postponed town election day.
III. If the election is postponed to a date that follows the date of the business meeting, the end of the term of the moderator established in RSA 40:1 shall be extended through the completion of all election day duties or until the qualification of a successor, whichever is later.
IV. Any school district election coordinated with a town under RSA 671:26-a or otherwise held in conjunction with the town election shall also be subject to the provisions of this section.
V. The moderator and the governing body shall employ all reasonable means to provide voters with notice of the postponement, the date on which the postponed election shall be conducted, and information on obtaining absentee ballots for those voters who qualify to vote by absentee ballot at the postponed election. To the extent practical given the circumstances of the postponement, notice shall be posted at the location of the scheduled election, at the municipal offices, and on the website of each town, school district, and village district whose election is postponed.
VI. All ballots prepared for the original date of the election shall be used for the postponed election. A notice explaining the deadline for returning an absentee ballot shall be issued to voters who request and are sent an absentee ballot during the period between the original date and the postponed date of the election.
VII. All absentee ballots submitted to be counted on the date of the original election, all absentee ballots submitted for the original date of the election which arrive after that date but before 5:00 p.m. on the date of the postponed election, and all absentee ballots submitted to be counted at the postponed election shall be submitted to the moderator for processing in accordance with RSA 659.
VIII. To the extent practicable, the town clerk may decide to be at the location of the originally scheduled election to receive applications for absentee ballots, to provide voters the opportunity to complete absentee ballots, and to receive returned ballots during what would have been normal polling hours. The town clerk may designate a deputy clerk or assistant to provide this service, provided the individual has taken an oath of office and has been trained in the requirements for using an absentee ballot and the procedures for issuing and receiving absentee ballots.
IX. The absentee ballot of a voter who qualified to vote by absentee ballot because he or she expected to be absent or unable to appear at the polls on the original date of the election and who submitted an absentee ballot which otherwise satisfies the requirements for voting by absentee ballot, shall be counted even if the voter is present in the town or able to appear at the polls on the date of the rescheduled election.
X. All absentee ballots shall be processed as provided for by RSA 659.

Source. 2019, 192:8, eff. July 10, 2019.