Unincorporated Places

Section 668:5

    668:5 Preparation of Special Ballots. – For any state election, the secretary of state shall prepare special ballots for the voters of all unincorporated places. For purposes of this section, "special ballots" shall mean the ballots to be used by all unincorporated places in the same state representative district as opposed to separate ballots for each unincorporated place. These special ballots shall have no location printed on them, but shall have a space where the name of an unincorporated place shall be entered by the town clerk of the designated town. The secretary of state shall print only the names of candidates for offices for which the voters of the unincorporated place are entitled to vote, as provided in RSA 668:4. It shall be the duty of the town clerk to make ready in advance a sufficient number of ballots for each person on the official checklist of the unincorporated places. If it is necessary because of election day registrations, extra ballots shall be prepared and the number attested to at the end of the voting. In all other respects, such special ballots shall be printed and forwarded to the town clerk in the same manner as the other ballots for the designated town.

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