State Party Conventions

Section 667:21

    667:21 Date, Call and Purposes. –
I. Not earlier than the third Tuesday of September following any primary, and not later than the last Tuesday of October, upon the call of the chairman of the state committee of the party, the nominees of each party for the offices of governor, United States senator, United States representative, executive councilors, state senators, county officers, representatives, state delegates elected, the incumbent United States senator or senators and the incumbent county commissioners serving 4-year terms, if any, whose term or terms shall not expire during the January following that year's general election, shall meet in state convention for the purpose of adopting the platform of their party, nominating presidential electors and effecting an organization for the following 2 years. The names and domiciles of the presidential electors nominated by such convention shall be forthwith certified to the secretary of state by the chairman and the clerk of the convention. Upon receipt of the foregoing certifications, the secretary of state shall publish in some paper of general circulation the names of the persons found by him to have been chosen as candidates for presidential electors by the several parties.
II. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph I, a political party may, in accordance with the provisions of the party's constitution or bylaws, provide for an alternative method of determining the date, call and purpose of the party's state convention and the selection of delegates and composition of such convention. If a party decides to hold a convention for the purpose of adopting a platform of the party, nominating presidential electors, effecting an organization for the following 2-year period and other party business as the political party determines, the convention shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements of the party under this section.

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