General Provisions

Section 665:5

    665:5 Hearing Date. –
I. If necessary, the ballot law commission shall meet on the third Thursday of September in each general election year and the third Friday following the presidential primary election in order to hear and decide:
(a) Written objections filed pursuant to RSA 665:6, I and II; and
(b) Written appeals filed pursuant to RSA 665:8, I.
II. The ballot law commission shall meet on the fourth Monday in November in each general election year. The commission shall hear and decide all pending matters concerning the election of persons to the New Hampshire general court. At this time, the commission may also act on any other pending matters.
III. The ballot law commission shall also meet at such other times as may be necessary as provided in RSA 655:31, RSA 665:8, II, and RSA 665:9.

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