Section 665:16

    665:16 Appeal From Decisions. – There may be an appeal to the supreme court from the decisions of the ballot law commission made under RSA 665:8, II as provided in this section and not otherwise. Such appeal shall be filed with the clerk of the supreme court within 5 days after the decision of the commission is filed with the secretary of state. Such appeal shall be limited to questions of law. Findings of fact made by the commission shall be final if supported by the requisite evidence. The supreme court may hold a special session to consider such appeal if it considers such action necessary. Appeals under this section shall be limited to contested elections for the offices of presidential elector, governor, councilor, and town and city or city ward offices voted for at general elections. No appeal may be made under this section in the cases of contested elections for the offices of United States senator, representative in congress, state senator, or representative to the general court in view of the constitutional provisions vesting in both houses of congress and both houses of the general court exclusive jurisdiction over the elections and qualifications of their respective members.

Source. 2003, 151:8, eff. Jan. 1, 2004.