Section 664:3

    664:3 Registration of Political Committees. –
I. Any political committee, except the political committee of a political party, shall register with the secretary of state as provided in this section. A political committee may register for an election cycle at any time after the final report is due following the then-most-recent general election. The committee's registration shall be received by the secretary of state not later than 48 hours after the committee meets at least one of the criteria under RSA 664:2, III. The registration shall be accompanied by an itemized statement of the receipts and expenditures, if any, made by the political committee in the election cycle prior to registration. Such itemization shall be made pursuant to the manner set forth in RSA 664:6. The registration shall also be accompanied by a fee of $50, which shall be deposited by the secretary of state into the general fund; provided, however, that the political committee of a candidate that registers under this section shall not be required to pay the $50 fee. Each political committee shall designate a treasurer or agent who is a citizen of this state and who is authorized to receive all process and other legal documents on behalf of the political committee, and through whom may be obtained access to all books and records of the political committee. The political committee shall file with the secretary of state a statement of the purpose of the committee and shall indicate whether the committee will be making independent expenditures. The registration shall also include a statement of the name, address, occupation, and principal place of business of its chairperson and treasurer or agent, and the names and addresses of other officers. The committee shall file an amendment to its registration within 14 days of any change in the officers or purpose of the committee.
II. No member of a political committee which is required to register under RSA 664:3, I, except members of political committees of political parties, shall do any act directly or indirectly on behalf of the committee to promote the success or defeat of a political party, a measure or a candidate, unless the requirements of RSA 664:3, I are met.
III. Any political committee which is organized to support a candidate in any election shall secure the written consent of the candidate or his fiscal agent before it receives contributions or makes expenditures. Such written consent shall be filed with the secretary of state when the statements required by paragraph I are filed.
IV. All political committees' registrations under this chapter shall be valid from the date of registration until 10 days after the primary or general election, whichever is appropriate, unless terminated sooner, in writing, by the chairman and the treasurer of the committee. However, any committee which has a continuing obligation to report as required under RSA 664:6 shall continue to exist for the purpose of making such reports.
V. Any political committee or political advocacy organization that is exempt from taxation under sections 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6) of the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986 may disclose, but shall not be required to disclose in its itemized statement of receipts, the identity of its donors.
VI. For purposes of filing expenditure reports pursuant to RSA 664:6 and RSA 664:7, a candidate for office may choose to file as a candidate or, if such candidate creates a candidate committee, as a candidate committee.

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