Reports by Governor-Elect

Section 664:13-a

    664:13-a Inaugural Treasurer; Reporting Requirement. –
I. Before receiving any contribution or making any expenditure for a gubernatorial inauguration, the governor-elect shall appoint an inaugural treasurer, who shall manage the funds of the inaugural committee. The name and address of such treasurer shall be reported to the secretary of state by the governor-elect not later than 2 days after the appointment.
II. No person shall make any expenditure or make or receive any contribution or receipt, in kind or otherwise, for a gubernatorial inauguration except by or through the inaugural treasurer. No person shall make a contribution for a gubernatorial inauguration in excess of $10,000.
III. The inaugural treasurer shall keep detailed accounts of all contributions and other receipts received, in kind or otherwise, and all expenditures made by, a gubernatorial inaugural committee. Reports of the treasurer may be inspected at the office of the secretary of state and shall be held in original form for 6 years from the inauguration for which they are filed, after which time they may be destroyed. No contribution or other receipt received by the inaugural treasurer shall be comingled with personal funds of the governor-elect or inaugural treasurer.
IV. The inaugural treasurer shall file an itemized statement of receipts and expenditures with the secretary of state in like manner and detail as prescribed in RSA 664:6 on March 10 and July 10 following the inauguration. Expenditures totaling more than $1,000 from the inaugural treasurer to the governor-elect or his or her immediate family shall contain back-up receipts. The report filed on March 10 shall be for the period ending on February 28 and the report filed on July 10 shall be for the period beginning on March 1 and ending on June 30. After the July 10 filing, reports shall continue to be filed every 6 months under RSA 664:6, V on the same dates required for state elections until a zero balance is achieved. If a report is sent by certified mail on or before the day it is due, the mailing shall constitute receipt by the secretary of state.

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