Section 664:12

    664:12 Fiscal Agent. – As part of the declaration of candidacies filed by candidates for governor, councilor, state senator and county officer and other primary candidacies, every such candidate shall designate some person, who may be the candidate himself, as his financial agent for the purpose of the primary and general election campaign. If his candidacy for such office is established by a primary petition or nomination petitions, there shall be filed together with such petitions the name of the fiscal agent for such candidate. A candidate who is nominated by write-in vote at the primary shall, prior to making any campaign expenditures, file with the secretary of state the name of his fiscal agent. All sums expended or contracted for payment in the primary or general election campaign in behalf of such candidate shall be reported by the candidate or his political committee or both to his fiscal agent, and the candidate or his fiscal agent shall make or approve all disbursements in behalf of his candidate subsequent to his designation as fiscal agent and join with the candidate in making and filing the statements required by this chapter.

Source. 1979, 436:1. 1987, 276:3, eff. July 24, 1987.