Sales of Lottery

Section 663:7

    663:7 Question; Vote; Results. – Upon the petition of 5 percent of the voters of any city or town filed with the secretary of state not earlier than the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in August and no later than the first Friday in September before a state general election, the appropriate version of the following question shall be submitted to the voters of such city or town at said election: "Shall lottery tickets (continue to) be sold in this city or town?" If a majority of those voting vote "yes" on the question, tickets may be sold or continued to be sold by the commission in that city or town. If a majority of those voting vote "no" on the question, the commission shall not sell tickets in that city or town. No petition that the question prescribed in this section be printed on the ballot at a state general election shall be made within 2 years of a vote on such a question at a previous state general election.

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