Section 662-A:8

    662-A:8 Rescission of Divided Districts. –
I. A town which has been divided into districts pursuant to this chapter may rescind its decision and return to a single-member district.
II. The article proposing rescission shall be placed on the ballot in accordance with the provisions of RSA 662-A:3, I.
III. The wording of the question shall be:
"Do you favor rescinding the representative districts previously adopted by the town and enacted by the legislature?"
IV. If a majority of voters voting on the question answer in the affirmative, the secretary of state shall cause a bill to return the town to a single, multi-member district to be submitted to the general court, at the next legislative session. Upon passage of the bill and signing of the bill into law, the town shall be deemed to be returned to a single, multi-member district for the next succeeding election of representatives to the general court and all subsequent elections until the completion of the next decennial census and reapportionment of the general court. If legislation returning the town to a single, multi-member district is not enacted by the general court in the next succeeding session of the general court, no further action or approval by the town is required for future introduction of legislation adopting the change approved by the town pursuant to this chapter.

Source. 1997, 312:1, eff. Aug. 20, 1997.