Section 662-A:4

    662-A:4 Redistricting Commission; Membership. –
I. The redistricting commission shall consist of 5 members, all of whom shall be registered voters of the town appointed by the governing body of the town, as defined in RSA 672:6.
II. The town clerk shall within 7 days after the appointment of the commission members, notify those appointed to the commission of the date, time, and place of the organizational meeting of the commission. Such date, time, and place shall be fixed by the clerk and 7 days' notice of the organizational meeting shall be given. The commission shall organize by electing from its members a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a secretary and shall file notice thereof with the town clerk. Vacancies occurring on the commission shall be filled by vote of the commission from the voters of the town. Members shall serve without compensation.
III. The commission may adopt rules governing the conduct of its meetings and proceedings. A town shall provide its redistricting commission, free of charge, with suitable office space and with reasonable access to facilities for holding public hearings, may contribute clerical and other assistance to such commission, and shall permit it to consult with and obtain advice and information from municipal officers, officials, and employees during ordinary working hours. A town may from time to time appropriate additional funds to the commission.
IV. The commission shall proceed to determine how to divide the town into representative districts. Any such division shall be based on population figures determined at the latest federal decennial census. Any proposal for division recommended by the commission shall provide for equality of representation in accordance with the principle of one-person, one-vote.
V. (a) Within 14 days after its organizational meeting, the redistricting commission shall hold a public meeting for the purpose of receiving information, views, comments, and other pertinent material relative to its functions.
(b) Within 90 days after its appointment, the commission shall prepare a preliminary report including the text of the proposal for new districts which the commission intends shall be submitted to the voters and any explanatory information the commission deems desirable. The preliminary report shall be submitted to the secretary of state for approval pursuant to RSA 662-A:5.
(c) Within 225 days after its appointment, the commission shall submit to the town officers its final report, which shall include the full text and explanation of the redistricting proposal and such comments as the commission deems desirable.
(d) All public hearings before the commission shall be held within the town at such times and places as may be specified in a notice published at least 7 days prior to the hearing in a newspaper having general circulation in the town. Hearings may be adjourned from time to time without further published notice.
VI. Upon the filing of the final report, the town officers shall order the redistricting proposal to be submitted to the voters at the next regular town election pursuant to RSA 662-A:6.
VII. Upon the submission of the final report, the commission shall be dissolved.

Source. 1997, 312:1. 1998, 307:2, eff. Aug. 25, 1998.