Assistant Election Officials

Section 658:7

    658:7 Appointment. – For all state elections, the moderator is authorized to appoint an assistant moderator who shall take the oath of office in the same manner as the moderator. The moderator may also appoint such other election officials as he or she deems necessary and request the town clerk to appoint an assistant town clerk. The assistant moderator, assistant town clerk, and said other election officials shall take the oath of office and perform such duties and have such powers as the moderator may delegate to them, except that the power of making the declaration of the vote cast shall not be delegated to them. The supervisors of the checklist are authorized to appoint assistant supervisors of the checklist who shall be assistant election officials and have the powers of supervisors for the purpose of registering voters on election day. The provisions of this section shall apply only to the appointment of assistant election officials to serve at the central polling place. Appointment of officers to act at additional polling places shall be accomplished as provided in RSA 658:14.

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