Election Day Morning Procedures

Section 658:29

    658:29 Statutes Posted. – The secretary of state shall prepare and distribute copies of the following RSA sections which the selectmen shall post or cause to be posted outside the guardrail in the polling place at all elections: RSA 654:7-a, RSA 654:7-b; RSA 659:13, RSA 659:13-b, RSA 659:27, RSA 659:30, RSA 659:31, RSA 659:32, RSA 659:34, RSA 659:35, RSA 659:37, RSA 659:38, RSA 659:40, RSA 659:41, RSA 659:103; RSA 666:4, RSA 666:5, RSA 666:8. In addition, the secretary of state shall include any other statutes or regulations that are required to be posted by state or federal law. The secretary of state may also include statutes or regulations that, in the secretary of state's judgment, would aid a voter in casting a vote or in contacting the appropriate official if the voter believes that his or her voting rights are being violated.

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