Procedure for Uniformed Services, Temporarily Residing Outside the United States, and Federal Ballot Only Voting

Section 657:19-a

    657:19-a Federal Official Post Card Form and Other Requests From UOCAVA Voters. – The federal official post card form as provided in RSA 654:20 for simultaneous voter registration application and absentee ballot application shall be valid at any time for voter registration by a person qualified to vote pursuant to RSA 654:3 as an absent uniform services voter, a temporarily absent voter residing outside the United States, or a federal ballot only voter domiciled outside the United States. An absentee ballot request on this post card or in any other form received on or after January 1 of each year shall be valid through December 31 of the same year for all state and municipal elections to be held within that year, subject to the request of the voter and the eligibility of the voter. Provided, however, that an absentee ballot for the presidential primary shall be sent to all voters requesting an absentee ballot for the primary or any election prior to the primary during the general election year and the prior year. The town or city clerk shall forward a copy of all such federal official post card voter forms to the supervisors of the checklist.

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