State General Election

Section 656:20

    656:20 Delivery of Ballots; Inspection. –
I. The secretary of state shall send the state general election ballots in a sealed package to the town and city clerks so they shall receive them no later than Tuesday immediately preceding the day of the state general election. The package shall be marked on the outside to clearly designate the town or city for which it is intended and the number of ballots enclosed. The secretary of state shall keep a record of the time when and the manner in which the packages were sent to the clerks and a record of the number of ballots so forwarded. A town or city clerk shall sign a receipt for the ballots received.
II. Each town or city clerk, prior to election day, shall open the package in which the ballots are enclosed, in the presence of at least one other legal voter, to verify that the ballots in the package are all the proper ballots for that town or city. The clerk and one other legal voter shall then reseal the package with the sealing label provided by the secretary of state.

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