General Voter Registration

Section 654:8-a

    654:8-a Voter Registration in Cities. –
I. Any person qualified as a voter in a city whose name does not appear on the checklist where registration is required because the voter's voting domicile has changed from one ward in the city to another ward in the same city, and who is otherwise registered to vote in the election, may change voter registration at the office of the city clerk. A change in voter registration under this section shall be made no later than the final date set for correcting the checklist in the city. The city clerk shall require the voter to provide acceptable proof of identification and acceptable proof of domicile.
II. Upon compliance with the procedures in paragraph I, the city clerk shall notify the supervisors of the checklist of the proper polling place, directing that the voter be added to the checklist and be permitted to cast a ballot.

Source. 1993, 36:1. 2003, 289:27, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.