General Voter Registration

Section 654:7-c

    654:7-c Observation to Voter Registration. – Any person shall have a right, as safety, welfare, and rights of voters permit, to observe in-person voter registration, wherever it is conducted, provided however, that the person may not be positioned within 5 feet of the voter registration table where the exchange of nonpublic information between the applicant for registration and the election official receiving the application may be heard or seen. When a person registers to vote on election day, the ballot clerk, upon adding the person's name to the checklist at the check-in table, shall publicly announce the person's name 2 times and shall publicly announce the address the person has registered as his or her domicile one time. These announcements shall be made in a manner that allows any person appointed as a challenger to hear the announcement. Where the physical layout of a polling place makes it impractical to position challengers or interested voters who are registered at that polling place where they can hear the announcement at the check-in table, the moderator shall arrange an alternative means for challengers or interested voters who are registered to vote at that polling place to be informed of the new voter's name and domicile address and be afforded an opportunity to challenge the voter at the check-in table.

Source. 2009, 127:1, eff. Aug. 21, 2009.