Periodic Maintenance and Verification of Checklists

Section 654:38

    654:38 Verification of Checklists. –
On petition of 50 registered voters or 5 percent of the registered voters in any town or ward, whichever is less, or on petition of a majority of the board of supervisors of the checklist filed with the secretary of state no later than the eighth Friday after a state election, the ballot law commission shall conduct an investigation to determine whether or not there should be a revision and verification of the checklist of said town or ward. At least one public hearing duly advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in said town or city shall be held by the commission at such time and place it may determine. In the event of an affirmative decision, the commission shall direct the supervisors to revise and verify such checklist. Thereupon the supervisors shall revise and verify such checklist in the following manner:
I. Between April 1 and August 1 in the next even-numbered year, the supervisors shall post notice of their sessions in 2 appropriate places one of which shall be the town or city's Internet website, if such exists, and published at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation in the town or city and hold sufficient sessions for verification of the checklist as in their opinion will enable all eligible voters in said town or ward to appear before them and register or reregister as the case may be. Whenever a person is reregistered, his or her party designation, if any, on the checklist undergoing revision shall not be changed except as provided in RSA 654:34.
II. Beginning June 1, and not later than 60 days thereafter, the supervisors shall review the checklist and shall strike therefrom the names of all persons who have not registered or reregistered under paragraph I of this section; provided that there shall not be stricken from said checklist the name of any person duly qualified to vote unless such person shall, not less than 30 days prior to such action, have been sent notice by the supervisors at his last known address of his failure to reregister stating the procedure to be followed in order to reregister and have his name retained on said checklist nor unless such person shall have been given a reasonable opportunity to follow said procedure.
III. Upon completion of verification of the checklist, but, in no event later than September 1, the supervisors shall file with the secretary of state the following certificate: We, the supervisors of the checklist of the town (or ward ___) of ___, do hereby certify that we have verified the checklist of registered voters in the town (or ward ___ of the city) of ___ as directed by the ballot law commission.
IV. In verifying the checklist in accordance with the provisions hereof, the supervisors shall not register or reregister any person unless he is a duly qualified voter as required by the provisions of RSA 654:1-654:6.
V. The supervisors may appoint such temporary assistant supervisors as may be necessary, but who shall have none of the powers and duties of supervisors. As compensation for services performed hereunder, the supervisors and assistant supervisors shall receive such sums as may be voted by the city government or town meeting of the city or town in which they serve.

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