Periodic Maintenance and Verification of Checklists

Section 654:37

    654:37 Reports of Death. – Whenever there is filed in the office of the clerk an official notice of the death of any person or persons of the age of 18 years or over or the clerk receives notice of a death record of such person or persons under RSA 5-C:4, V with a full match, the town or city clerk shall notify the supervisors of the checklist of said deaths by submitting a notice of same to the supervisors at their next regular meeting. For reports under RSA 5-C:4, V with a possible match, the city or town clerk shall look for an official notice of death and if available shall proceed as described in this section. If there is no official verification, the city or town clerk shall follow the procedures in RSA 654:37-a. Upon receipt of such notice, the supervisors shall examine the checklist; and, if the name of said deceased person appears thereon, it shall be removed. The notice shall be retained in accordance with RSA 33-A:3-a. Any supervisor who shall neglect or refuse to erase the name of such deceased voter from the checklist after receiving such notice from the town or city clerk shall be guilty of a violation.

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