Checklists: Additional Provisions for Primary Elections

Section 654:34-a

    654:34-a Application to Town or City Clerk; Changes to be Forwarded. –
I. A town or city shall permit changes in party affiliation to be registered with a town or city clerk.
II. In addition to the methods of changing party affiliation provided in RSA 654:34, any person whose name appears on the checklist of a town or ward may apply to the town or city clerk for the purpose of having his party affiliation changed. A person desiring to change his party affiliation shall state to the town or city clerk under oath or affirmation that:
(a) He intends to affiliate with and generally supports the party with which he offers to register; or
(b) He does not wish to be registered as a member of any party.
III. No application for a change of party affiliation shall be accepted on the day of a primary election, except as provided in RSA 654:34, I and II.
IV. Any application made under the provisions of this section shall be made during the regular office hours of the town or city clerk.
V. Town and city clerks shall have power to administer oaths to the applicants that appear before them for the purposes of this section.
VI. Any application made under the provisions of this section shall be signed and dated by the applicant.
VII. The town or city clerk shall present to the next meeting of the supervisors of the checklist, in accordance with the checklist guidelines as provided by RSA 654:25, the name of any person who made application to him or her for a change of party affiliation and the name of the party with which the person desires to be affiliated or that he or she desires to be affiliated with no party. The supervisors of the checklist shall cause the party affiliation of the applicant to be changed on the checklist. Any change submitted which is prohibited by the provisions of RSA 654:34, IV shall be kept by the supervisors until acted upon; and the change shall be made as soon as permitted by law. Forms shall be retained in accordance with RSA 33-A:3-a.

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