Checklists: All State Elections

Section 654:28

    654:28 Procedure. – The supervisors of the checklist shall hear all applications for a correction of the checklist and the evidence submitted thereon and shall correct it according to their best knowledge so that it contains only the names of those persons qualified to vote at said election. The names of all persons not qualified to vote at the time of any session, but who shall clearly be qualified to vote on election day, may be added to the checklist at that session. No additions or corrections shall be made after the Saturday session, except as provided in RSA 659:12 or RSA 654:27. The additions and corrections resulting from such session shall be made to the previously posted checklist on or before midnight on the succeeding Friday either by additions or corrections to said checklist or by posting a new corrected checklist. Notice of such additions or corrections to the checklist shall also be given to the town or city clerk.

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