Checklists: All State Elections

Section 654:27

    654:27 Session for Correction. – In cities and towns, the supervisors of the checklist shall be in session for the correction of the checklist at some suitable place in the city or town on a day designated by the supervisors which shall be 6 to 13 days prior to the election and upon which all hearings shall be finally closed; provided that whenever more than one meeting is required within a 21-day period, the first required meeting may serve to fulfill the requirements of the remaining meetings. All sessions for the correction of the checklist shall be for no less than 30 minutes and at the discretion of the supervisors for additional hours. Notice of the day, hour, and place of each session of the board of supervisors shall be given upon the checklists first posted in 2 appropriate places one of which shall be the city or town's Internet website, if such exists, or shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the city or town at least 7 days prior to each such session. The reconvening of any session which has been adjourned shall not require the publication of notice.

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