Federal Post Card Application Form

Section 654:23

    654:23 Effect. – Unless the supervisors of the checklist shall be of the opinion that the federal post card applicant does not qualify as a UOCAVA voter in the city or town as provided in RSA 654:3, they shall, at their next session for the correction of the checklist subsequent to their receipt of such federal post card application properly executed, cause his or her name to be added to the checklist and, if the applicant is domiciled outside the United States, a mark or sign clearly indicating that the application has been entered on the checklist for the purpose of voting in federal elections only. Thereafter, if the person is domiciled outside the United States, he or she shall be entitled to vote by federal offices only absentee ballot at both federal primary and general elections. The supervisors shall retain the registration form in accordance with RSA 33-A:3-a and forward a copy of the form to the clerk. If the supervisors decide not to add the name of the applicant to the checklist, they shall send notification to the applicant in writing within 7 days stating the reason for that denial. The supervisors of the checklist shall write the word "REJECTED" and the date of rejection across the registration form. They shall retain the registration form and a copy of the denial notification in accordance with RSA 33-A:3-a.

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