Terms and Definitions

Section 652:12

    652:12 Vacancy. –
A "vacancy" shall occur in a public office if, subsequent to his or her election and prior to the completion of his or her term, the person elected to that office:
I. Either dies, resigns, or ceases to have domicile in the state or the district from which he or she was elected; or
II. Is determined by a court having jurisdiction to be insane or mentally incompetent; or
III. Is convicted of a crime which disqualifies him or her from holding office; or
IV. Fails or refuses to take the oath of office within the period prescribed in RSA 42:6 or to give or renew an official bond if required by law; or
V. Has his or her election voided by court decision or ballot law commission decision; or
VI. Is a member of the general court of New Hampshire and a member of a military reserve or national guard unit; and
(a) The member was called to serve in an emergency; and
(b) Service in such unit causes the member to be unable to perform his or her legislative duties, as determined by the house of representatives in the case of a member of the house of representatives and by the senate in the case of a member of the senate, for longer than 180 consecutive days; and
(c) The selectmen of any town or ward in the district from which the member is elected request of the governor and council that the office be declared vacant.

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